Mad for Chicken? Clucky's Is Here!

I was invited for a food review. I never thought that it was another Korean fried chicken to try. It was a brand-new restaurant that opens its first branch at Rockwell Business Center in Ortigas.  Clucky's offers a unique dining experience for the food lovers like me. 

They focus more in the quality of their food and services they have, modern design and most especially, affordable price. 

Clucky's is a partner of one of the most well known Korean Fried Chicken brands in New York, USA. Clucky's proudly served chicken dishes flavored with Mad for Chicken Sauce, which is an authentic  Korean-Style fried chicken sauce recipe made from Korea. 

By the way, Clucky's is owned and operated by MJ & K Holding,Inc., which is a family-owned company that primarily engaged in food and beverage distribution and sales. They are the first exclusive distribution license of Mad for Chicken brand. 

That night, they serve us first of course the salad. The Spicy Crabmeat Salad and the House SaladI actually don't eat greens so the two salad did not have an appeal to me except that I like the presentation and the color combinations of the ingredients. So, I decide to try the crabmeat alone, and I found out that it's not too spicy. 

Then the Chicken Burger Meal was served, a combination of Chicken Burger, small Parmesan Fries and its usually served with a soda or iced tea. It was really good and I love the Parmesan Fries, especially when you dip it in Mayo or Ketchup.  Also, the tenders are coming, fish and chicken strip are along the way.

Furthermore, they served their version of wings and drums. I actually did not try the spicy one those with the sticks because they said it was too hot and I never really a fun of spicy foods ever! 

And so I ate the classic which is two steps ahead from other soy garlic chickens that I've tried. One thing I have notice is that their chicken is clean, no too much breading, and you will taste the soy garlic in it. I want to have rice, but because I eat too much that night maybe next time when I visit them. I will knock down two rice for sure. 

After that they served us the Bulgogi Rice Topping and the Kimchi Fried Rice. I like the Bulgogi Rice. It's a perfect rice combination. Kimchi Fried rice is a little sour in my taste but blends well with the fried rice. 

I thought It was over when we have done tasting those foods that I've mention but no, because they served us their Premium Gelato with the flavor of Dark Chocolate, Oreo Cheesecake, Banoffee, Coffee Choco Crunch and Mango Sorbet. The owner said that he got the gelato from his fried who has a store in Mckinley and he thinks, it can be a click in their business that is why they add gelato as their desserts to offer for their customer. 

I never thought that Clucky's will only serve Korean chicken indeed they have compelling menus that you can enjoy. Another good thing I like in Clucky's is that their store had good design concepts, and I'm hoping that you will open another branch in the Metro. 

Visit Clucky's at G/F Tower 2, Rockwell Business Center, Ortigas Ave., Pasig City. Like them on Facebook at and follow them on Twitter at

Photo of Gelato is courtesy of Clucky's

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