Caffe Bene: Not Just An Ordinary Coffee Shops

It's so nice to visit coffee shops specially if you are with your friends. Chatting, exchanging thoughts while sipping a good cup of coffee and enjoying nice food.

It was my first time at Caffe Bene in Eastwood and I never thought that this shop is not like the ordinary coffee shops.

Caffé Bene is a Korean coffee chain that started in April 2008. They serve excellent coffee, freshly made Liege waffles, Italian gelato and other complementary menus. 

I heard that Caffé Bene has more than 891 stores in Korea making it the Largest and Fastest Growing coffee shop chain in their country. They even have stores in Times Square, New York City, USA and now had branches in California and Texas.

While Caffé Bene currently has 7 stores in China and it will open more international stores in Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore.

In the Philippines, Caffé Bene has opened its first shop at Eastwood City last November 29, 2012 were I and my friends love the place followed by another branch inside SMX Convention Center.

They have a Vintage European Interior Accentuated by Cute Homey Designs. The store is warm and cozy with bookshelves surrounding the area. You can smell the aroma of coffee and waffles fill the place. The set-up of the tables and chairs are comparatively more spacious than the typical coffee shop. Relaxing music is played in the store.

Their coffee beans are roasted and serves Medium Roast Espressos which makes them different from most coffee shops. 

Caffe Bene also serves Waffles and other menu that includes Italian gelatos, Honey Breads, Frappes, Misugaru (grain-based drink), mocktails, yogurt smoothies, teas, Bingsu (Iced Parfait) and complementary.

Visit their shops and experience the difference of this new coffee shops that will captivates the heart of Filipino Coffee lovers. 

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