Go Nuts Donuts' Newest Partnership With Highlands Coffee

The creator of iconic doughnut brand, The Doughnut People Inc. or simply Go Nuts Donuts, announced its major partnership with Highlands Coffee. 

Go Nuts Donuts will be serving Highlands Coffee products including its Vietnamese signature coffee and ice blended Classic Freeze in its 26 stores nationwide while Highlands Coffee stores will be stocking a tempting range of irresistible Go Nuts Donuts.

They both capitalize on each other's  strengths in order to grow the brands significantly.

"We wee this as a landmark deal between both parties, on that will provide a lot of opportunities to discover new and exciting aspects of each brand that will lead to further growth in our respective fields and as a unit," 
- Christina Trillana-Lagdameo, Marketing Director of Go Nuts Donuts

Discover more about Go Nuts Donuts and Highlands Coffee at their fan page www.facebook.com/gonutsdonuts and follow @gonutsdonuts on Twitter.

That is why, they said... Good things come in Pairs!

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