Satisfy Your Steak Cravings At Bistecca

It was so nice to visit the Bistecca at Joya Tower in Rockwell. It was my first time and I find their restaurant so interesting. From outside, I saw the landscape very cool while the interiors inside indeed was very amazing. 

Why? one thing is because of the chandelier who caught my attention, it was made of empty bottle that give a fantastic glow that illuminates the whole place. Also the abstract black and white paintings in the wall and not only that because the table setting was so nice and I love the way they folds their napkins.

Now, let's talk about their foods. I will not describe and tell you how good it is for you to try it by yourself and so, I decided to share with you only the pictures of the foods that I have tried in Bistecca.

Isn't it yummy? Oh well, there's more!

WARNING: Do not attempt to eat these steaks alone. As these are big steaks and allow Bistecca to cook it for 30-35 minutes.

The Bistecca 122 Prime

It's approx. 1 kilo USDA prime bone-in Rib eye roast and good for 2-4 person.

The Bistecca alla Fiorentina

It was the way the Florentines enjoy it, approx. 1.4 kilos USDA choice Grade Porterhouse and good for 2-4 person.

Afterwards, a delicious macaroons was served to us and thanks to Chef Jose Miguel A. Gianan for another taste of goodness experience in their restaurant.

So, what are you waiting for... enjoy great tasting steak at Bistecca and taste the difference of their food.

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