Tangs Brings You the Hero In Every Kid

Last February 26, Kiddie Heroes was launched in the Mind Museum for Tang Galing Mo Kid Awardees. 

They are kid heroes cited for their effort in making the world a better place for their communities in their own ways.  It was supported by the launch of Tang's ritual, "Handa-Inom-Gawa."  

Tang is a product of Kraft Foods Philippines (KFP) which is part of the Mondelez International family of Companies.

The Tang Galing Kids awardee are the following;

1. Kesz Valdez - founded the Caring Children which gives slippers, books and hygene kits to streets childrens.

2. U Maalam Wisely and Trubador Wisely - sell their artwork to buy canvas, coloring and drawing pens and other art materials that are used to teach other kids.

3. Raynold de la Cruz - launched Saving Kids with First-Aids Kits which  provides first aid kits to public-school clinics from funds he raises by selling ice candy.

4. Angela Serafico - sells her paintings to donate to calamity victims.

5. Dannah Suaze and Martha Balagat - they teach catechism to kids.

These kids are picked from hundreds of nominations proves that there are many more kids out there with a mind and heart for other. 

 " As a brand that celebrates the hero in every kid, Tang recognized these Tang Galing Mo kid! awardees to show that our kids have the power to change things for the better. Today, we want to start conversation on how there are many more real-life kid heroes that you just haven't heard about. Those who have taken similar steps towards helping people and planet. Tang shares their stories and seek more from kids and parents alike to continue to inspire and empower. The Tang Galing Club is certainly committed to provide such opportunities to bring out and celebrate the heroes in our kids."
- Alex Dan Tacderas said, Tang Category Marketing Manager

Facilitating this call is to empower kids at www.TangGalingClub.com and see how kid heroes are making a difference in the world today. Also, check out the partner Facebook site for moms at www.facebook.com/TangGalingMoKid. 

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