Taste The Contemporary Comfort Food of URBN

It was great to try new sets of food that you will surely keep coming back and ask for more once you have tasted it. Chef Benjo Tuason have prepared a contemporary comfort food for the bloggers, one great night on late February.

URBN Bar and Kitchen is located at 28th Street at The Fort in Bonifacio Global City.

I was the first who came but not so excited because my office is just near like a 3-5 minutes walk from our office building. Anyway, when I get there, I was so amaze with its interiors. What I have noticed is their big chairs and long long table in the center of the smoking area in front of a wide screen television. The light is dimmed while there are 2 bars in both ends if the place.

We are able to transfer in the non-smoking area where they served the foods that we are going to review. We have assorted crostinis, caramelized onions and bacon tartlets, URBN's House Salad and Scored Scalops, Spicy Shrimp Cocktail.

Followed by Australian Rack of Lamb, Sticky BBQ Ribs and Mini Curried Shrimp  Burger.

Next is the Crispy Skin Tasmanian Salmon and Mac and Choreese. 

Of course the dessert are the Classic Souffle, Chocolate Lava Cake and Salted Caramel Cheesecake.

My favorite is the Australian Rack of Lamb because the meat is really tender and juicy. You will taste the herbs and the horsendish crust, roasted pumpkin and a gardiz yogurt that sauce that complements the lamb very well.

The Mini Burgers is also a must try and Chef Benjo says that it was one of the favorite in URBN. Mac and Choreese was a blast.

URBN Bar and Kitchen is a place where you can dine and have a good time with your friends. You can enjoy great ambiance where you can chill out with your friends while enjoying great taste of food that you really must try! accompanying of wonderful sounds from their DJ's.

YOu may LIKE URBN Bar and Kitchen on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and instragram @URBN_BGC to get updated about them.

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