The Fujidenzo Upright Freezers And Chillers

These days, we are giving more value and spend our money wisely. Before trusting a product or a brand, we used to research things first because of modern technology.

We seek to know the quality of a particular product. So, we take consider some branded products who is very reliable and economical.

One of the product that I can recommend is the Fujidenzo Appliances. The quality that we are looking for is there, efficiency and durability are also counts.

Apparently, they offer the Fujidenzo Upright Chiller who has a durable design that can be used for the home as a beverage chiller for beer, soft drinks, etc.

It also has a separate place to store vegetables – for those who like to eat healthy, so the vegetables are kept fresh.

Have you notice that if vegetables are stored in the ref, sometimes the odors of the other food affect the taste and smell of vegetables. Well, with Fujidenzo Upright Chiller, you have nothing to worry about it.

By the way, its available in the following models and capacities:

    SUD-220 A
22 cu.ft. Two door Showcase upright or beverage cooler

14 cu.ft. Showcase upright Premium - (Faster cooling, heated glass door)

SU-140 A  
14 cu.ft. Showcase upright or beverage cooler

SU-110 A  
11 cu.ft. Showcase upright or beverage cooler

SU-90 A  
9 cu.ft. Showcase upright or beverage cooler

SU-40 A  
4 cu.ft. Showcase upright or beverage cooler

 SU-30 A  
3 cu.ft. Showcase upright or beverage cooler

Fujidenzo has 100 service centers nationwide, so you can easily get in touch with them. It has a 2 years warranty on parts and 5 years warranty on compressor.

Kindly check for more info on Fujidenzo Freezers and Chillers.


  1. dear readers and bloggers. i recommend this brand for you! the quality is outstanding and the best. also, it is good for business use. Fujidenzo's tagline truly fits with them!

  2. I love this brand! Very good quality.