Gyu-Kaku: Japanese BBQ Restaurant Is Now Grilling At BGC

I was invited for a store opening of another Japanese restaurant and opens to be the 1st Philippine franchise outlet. This time, it's not the usual Japanese Restaurant that we used to visit because they offer a unique way of dinning experience. 

We usually saw hot pots in the table for a shabu-shabu but for Gyu-Kaku, Hot Grill is present for you to cook your food when you visit them.

Normally people go to a restaurant to dine and eat instantly, especially today that there are lots of fast food chains that you can choose. 

Personally, I don't like the idea of cooking my own food when visiting a restaurant especially when I was hungry. However, I find my self taking pleasure with the fun of grilling when I visit Gyu-Kaku. It's like a small picnic with other blogger friends who are also there and I will admit even if migraine is attacking, I have a good time with them.

They served us Pork Crispy Belly and Gyoza, and I tried the Oolong Tea with others ordered the Green Tea and Sake. I observed that Japanese restaurants customarily don't put sugar on their drinks.

Anyway, after a few minutes the ribbon cutting, Kagamiwari Ceremony or breaking the barrel as it was one of the Japanese ritual took place and followed by the store blessing. We had a quick tour around the restaurant and tossing coins for good luck was amusing.

They served us Horenso Salad and the very surprising Kimchi, and the most awaiting experience is followed. 

First the crew arrange our grille with a hot coal in it. One thing I've notice with them is that, they used to shout "charcoal coming" whenever the hot charcoal is on its way and they used. Then the grill platter is ready, it  consist of Wagyu Karubi, Buta Karubi, Beef Karubi, and Chicken Thigh Fillet in Basil and Sweet Tare as the barbecue sauce.

We put everything we can in the grill for them to cook while turning the controller a little high so that it will cook instantly but no, we are wrong because they said that it suppose to cook for 8-10 minutes or once the meat is not sticky on the grill then that's the time that you will turn it.

Next, we grill the Galic Prawn in Foil and the Assorted Mushroom. They also served the Ishiyaki Bibimbap (their version of rice) and I ordered soda and beer for others.

I'm very full and satisfied, and yet the deserts are delivered our table. Who will say no to Egg pudding in Brown Sugar with soybean powder on top and to Assorted Ice Cream, and mixed fruits. 

I love the egg pudding as well as the Gyu-kaku Ice Cream the white one on the right end, its vanilla ice cream with soybean powder and sugar syrup. It's a two thumbs up!

I will definitely bring my family in Gyu-kaku and will recommend it to all my friends for it's another fun experience to dine in there that they must try.

Visit Gyu-kaku at W Global Center, 30th Street corner 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

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  2. Sure I will... hope to visit your resto again! love the food there much! :)