I Just Won A McCormick Grilling Kit!

Last March, I joined the Nuffnang Philippines, McCormick Grill Nation Contest and I have post the article about Take Your Grilling Flavor to the next level which I've said that we used to grill at the back of the house sometimes during Sunday.

I just read the email from Nuffnang Philippines and so nice to know that I am one of the winners. I was so excited to have my McCormick Grilling Kit from Nuffnang Philippines and McCormick so that I can now enjoy the grilling time with my family even not weekends or Sunday afternoon.

McCormick Grill Nation will surely be fun and exciting especially for person like me who don't have much experience in cooking. With McCormick Grill mates, I know for sure that Barbecue time will never be the same.

I hope that in my grilling kit, there is also the McCormick Grill Mates Cajun Seasoning Mix for I want to try it with my BBQ. I want to try the  taste New Orleans.

Thanks to Nuffnang Philippines and McCormick for choosing me as one of the winners and congratulations to the other winners.

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