K.A. Antonio – Driven to Sweet Pop Music

When all is said and done, K.A. Antonio is a pop sweetheart. She is currently putting the finishing touches to her first solo album and on it she achieves a sound that is truly hers.

K.A. has always been a fan of music. But it’s not singing that’s her first love; it was dancing. Destiny however, had other plans for her. “When I started singing, I fell in love with it”. Her first original song “Tanong Lang” (with her band AJKA) proved that she could be both a singer and songwriter. The song was even nominated in the 2012 Awit Awards for Best Jazz Recording.

K.A. may have started singing with a jazz lilt but for her very first solo album, she says she’s “back to basics”. “The songs (in my album) are really me.” For a self-confessed pop girl, K.A. says her album will be sweet, relaxed and easy to listen to.

Writing original songs and recording them has been an emotional rollercoaster ride for K.A. She was unsure on how her solo effort would sound. When she mustered enough confidence to start writing, everything fell into place. “When I started to write and record the songs, they all fell into one sound”.

A testament to KA’s creativity is this: she writes most of her songs while driving in her car.  The song “Un-Friends” was finished minutes before a gig. “It’s about best friends in love but they question why they’re only best friends”. In “Papansin,” the carrier single, K.A. played with the lyrics and inserted her brand of humor. “The girl in this song is telling this person that even if he finds someone new, sa akin ka pa rin babagsak!” “Beep” is a track that K.A. literally wrote while stuck in horrendous traffic. She suddenly had a music video in her head: a girl currently in mutual understanding status with a boy, fretting she may not get to their date due to traffic and she will never know what they truly are to each other. The album has also songs on heartbreak and guess what, they’re mostly based on her band mates’ and friends’ experiences. “Hulaan ninyo na lang kung sino kayo roon!” she jests. But with hurt, there’s always a silver lining. “For me there’s hope in every heartbreak”.

KA Antonio wears different hats: pre-school teacher, model, make-up artist, events host, wedding singer, student (she’s taking up her masters); and most-recently a MXY VJ. “It was really one of my dreams to be one”, KA muses. Her love for music, her bubbly and animated personality, her articulate communication skills, and her extensive experience as an events host,
made her perfect for the job. MYX has become like a music playground for her where she has learned to appreciate and love music even more, and “I had so much fun!”, she says.

With all the hats that K.A. is wearing, music is the common thread that weaves them all. From band leader, and now to solo artist, she says, “I am more driven now to do all the things I want”. On her first ever solo album, what K.A. wants is to write and sing beautiful pop songs. How lucky are we to hear them very soon.

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