Transform Yourself with Schick

Every body has its own heroism and all hero are also humans. Sometime we forget that we are all have our own responsibilities in life, for our self, for our family, and to all mankind.

If I will be giving a chance to have the power of MAN OF STEEL for one week, I will use it to save the entire world. Like Superman did I will go to outer space and will turn back the time where there are no war, disaster, calamity and everything. I will teach every human to start conserving everything. Make a healthy way of living, protect the mother earth and love one another.

I will also seed to their mind using telekinetic power all the bad things that will possibly happen if they will not take care our lives, our earth, and everything on it.

So, if you love to watch the Man of Steel in Cinemas, join the Schick. Free Your Skin. All you have to do is to buy any Superman-marked Schick razor packs and get a chance to win Movie Prizes and hundreds of limited edition Superman premium items.

Here's the Man of Steel Movie Trailer.

Per DTI-NCR Permit No.1843 Series of 2013.

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