A Temblor Of 4.9 Magnitude Felt In Baguio City

I was in the middle of my sleep when I felt that my bed is shaking and it was so scary for I was alone at home. It was pass 12 midnight when it happens. Everything is shaking and I hear the dogs barking like no ending. It took less than 10 seconds and it stops.

It takes me an hour or two before I get back to sleep because I was thinking that there will be an after shock. It was my first time to experience a strong quake here in Baguio, although sometimes I felt minor shake but very minimal to notice especially if you are moving.

In the morning, when I wake up, I try to figure it out. I open my t.v. and saw in the news that it was a magnitude 4.9 earthquake.

According to Philvolcs, the quake hits by 12:49 am and its epicenter was at 10 km northwest of Baguio City. It was a tectonic quake and with 4km deep.

Based on Philvolcs intensity scale, Intensity IV is described as Moderately Strong, which can be felt generally by people indoors and outdoors and it can causes light sleepers like me to be awakened.

"Vibration is felt like a passing of heavy truck. Hanging objects swing considerably. Dinner, plates, glasses, windows and doors rattle. Floors and walls of wood framed buildings creak. Standing motor cars may rock slightly. Liquids in containers are slightly disturbed. Water in containers oscillates strongly. Rumbling sound may sometimes be heard," 
- Phivolcs.

The good thing is that there were no immediate reports on casualty or damages from this recent Baguio City earthquake.

Photo Courtesy of: Philstar.com

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