Coffee Your Way

Let’s face it – the way you want your coffee can be mighty personal and if it isn’t just so your entire day can head into a tailspin before it’s even nine o’clock in the morning. With a single serve 1 cup on demand coffee maker that I found at you can be guaranteed your coffee is exactly as you want it each and every time. There are so few guarantees in life – wouldn’t it be nice to know you could count on your coffee being great? With an on demand coffee maker you are virtually guaranteed a consistently good cup of coffee in one minute or less.

Single serve or on demand coffee makers have revolutionized the way we brew coffee at home and at work because the coffee is brewed by the cup instead of by the pot – this eliminates waste and ensures fresh, hot and flavorful coffee for each person who craves a cup. On demand brewers have no coffee pot or warming plate so you need never again endure a stale, scorched or bitter cup of coffee plus there are no more squabbles over whose turn it is to wash the coffee pot.

With a single serve brewer there’s no need to scoop and measure coffee since the machines use individually sealed pre-measured coffee pods. Enjoy all of your favorite brands like Gloria Jean’s® K-Cup® style coffee in both regular and decaffeinated variations along with a wide array of coffee flavors, roasts 
and blends. With a variety or sampler pack of coffee pods it’s easy to entertain friends and family or have fun trying new flavors on your own. Since each cup is individually brewed it’s easy to switch back and forth between regular and decaffeinated.

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  1. I really just like the permanent filter found in some coffee makers . when using the paper filters for thus long, and forever running out of them, the permanent filter is nice to figure with and cleanup may be a regulator away.

    Finn Felton

    Kopi Luwak