Philippines Hosts This Year’s Asia Pacific Bartender Competition

In this day and age, bartenders do not just stand behind the bar and wait for a customer to serve. With their astounding ability to juggle, twirl, and toss bottles, glasses, and even garnish, bartenders have become the main attraction of many bars across the globe. 

T.G.I.Friday’s, a leading American casual dining place modernized and popularized flair bartending in the United States and around the world during the 80’s. In 1985, T.G.I.Friday’s hosted the very first flair bartending competition at their Marina del Rey branch in California. This in-store competition then paved way for a nationwide contest among T.G.I.Friday’s bartenders, and eventually became a worldwide T.G.I.Friday’s stint. The very first world championship was held in 1987. It later evolved into what is now known as World Bartender Championship, which started in 1991.

On the road for this international competition is Genrev Bacasno, this year’s Philippine winner of Shake, Rattle, and Pour 18. But first, he must outflair delegates from Japan, Korea, India, Australia, and China in this year’s Asia Pacific Bartender Competition.

Clear your scheds, march to T.G.I.Friday’s Bonifacio High Street on September 10, and watch this year’s Asia-Pacific  Bartender Championship live. Witness who among the contenders from 6 other countries will emerge the brightest and move on to 2013 World Bartender Championship.

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