Koko Buri BGC Is Another Yummy Place To Go!

I was invited to try the new restaurant in Fort Bonifacio Global City called Koko Buri Restaurant. Is it another taste of goodness to try for? Well, it was said that Koko Buri was derived from the Korean word Koko that means chicken and Buri as the category of food. 

I happen to be in Manila that time, so I exalted the invitation and go to there to eat dinner before I headed the bus terminal going to Baguio. Thinking that it's just typical Korean restaurant that served kimchi and soy garlic chicken, but it changed my perspective when we visit the place. Indeed, it was an International Restaurant that serves a wide array of Asian and Western cuisines. They also have branches in  Clark, San Fernando Pampanga and Ermita, Manila. 

The ambiance is great and perfect for its location in the 2nd floor of Forum South Global Building. One thing that capture my attention is its fantastic interior designs. Chairs and tables are greatly opulent as well as the chandeliers' hangings in the ceiling are very stylish plus, the giant Christmas tree in the function room that made of wood. 

Upon talking with Ms. Magic, I learned that the owner is an architect in the U.S. and so no wonder how he deliberately expressed the classic yet contemporary elegant designs of Koko Buri restaurant. 

The waitresses are very nice and keep on smiling while serving the food. Their specialty is the Koko Buri Soy Garlic Chicken. And so the battle begins. 

First, we had our Fresh Garden Salads with Sesame Blast and Muddy Honey dressing. They also served us healthy fruit shakes from real natural fruit called Natural Grape Slush and Natural Carrot and Apple Slush. Take notes of these are from fresh juices from real fruits blended with ice, no preservatives and no artificial colors. 

Then here comes the Dori Dori and their signature Chickens; we have Koko Buri Chicken Meal the Crunchy one with creamy gravy that I really love and the Soy Gralic Chicken Meal which is different from the usual soy garlic chicken that I've tried from other restaurants, and of course, it was served with rice and fresh garden salad on the side. 

OMG! I'm so full as well as hubby because they have big servings but wait, there's more... They also served us their Primavera Pizza; they call it Pizza Suprema because it has all kinds of meats and vegetables covered in thick layers of mozzarella cheese and herbs in a thin crust, and I'm telling you it was really good. 

By the way, they also offer the Sizzling Pots, Pasta and different kinds of beer internationally.  One thing I notice in their menu is that they did not offer desserts, but Ms. Magic told us that they were planning to include it in their menu and add more variety of foods which I know we should watch out for. 

Koko Buri has a delectable cuisine to offer with wonderful interiors plus smiling servers who will be grateful to assist you in your orders is equal to two thumbs up! Follow them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/KOKO-BURI-Restaurant/303652209675143.

So friends, try this new restaurant in BGC, Koko Buri is the name! 

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