Selected Chinese Schools In Manila Gives Free Tuition For LPHS Students

Leyte Progressive High School (LPHS) students of Tacloban City will get free tuition on selected Chines Schools in Metro Manila. Those who evacuated to Manila after being affected by the wrath of Super Typhoon Yolanda, can now enroll at various Chinese Schools. 

Also, the following school had announced additional assistance:.

1.   Chiang Kai Shek College: offers to accept students from Leyte displaced by typhoon Yolanda with free tuition fee, free school uniforms, and free dormitory.

2.   Hope Christian High School: free tuition fee, free school uniforms and free dormitory.

3.   St. Stephen High School : Free tuition fee and  free school  uniforms.

4.   Xavier School: Free tuition fee

5.   Sampaloc Chong Hua School: Free tuition with 500 pesos rewards for students  getting high grades at the end of the semester.

This effort is supported by LPHS Alumni Association- Manila Chapter to provide assistance to the LPHS students in need.

For inquiries, please contact Ms. Letty Uykim at mobile number 09173061291.


  1. very generous of Chiang Kai Shek College. sana kahit hindi naman bumabagyo at may nadisgrasya ng delubyo...but i'm glad they came up with this plan :)

  2. True! and hope that they can also give more scholarships to qualified students from Manila.