Eating At Point and Grill, Session Road Will Makes You Starve More!

We are planning to visit the Baguio Christmas Village, but it turns out to go to Burnham Park to watch for dancing and colorful foundation. My kid got hungry as well as me and hubby. We walk through Session Road to check out where to eat. 

What we love to dine for tonight? hmmm... We passed by different eatery and restaurant across the road until we are decided to try the Point and Grill. Love the meal combo that has been posted outside the restaurant. 

I don't think that Point and Grill are some kind of a fine-dining restaurant, but I would say that it has budget meals. I  ask the server for table for three, and she pointed to the next table behind me. Although there are customers still seating, but they are just waiting for the change and ready to leave. 

Looking at the menu makes you feel overwhelmed because they have lots of food choices that you can pick.  I ordered the Sinigang na Baboy which is I think perfect because of the cold weather.  My kid orders Chicken Lollipop, but it's not available, so he shifted to Chicken Inasal instead while hubby ordered the Ribs because his first order is also not available and of course dessert which is Chocolate Fudge Cake and three ice tea.

It takes time before our order came until I got mine while the orders of my son and hubby has not yet arrived. I started eating because I'm so hungry. I already eat half of my food when their food comes because of a non stop follow up to the waiter. 

In fairness, their food tastes little good. However, hubby order turns out not perfectly done because there is a chicken piece in his order,which is so ironically because it's supposed to be pork ribsI even try to taste it, and it was true that it was a chicken. I know that I can differentiate the taste of chicken from a pork. We even ask the waitress to check it, and she brought the food in the chicken to show it to their cook, but it says that it was a rib, Funny!

Anyway, we ask for our dessert but like the meals that we ordered it arrive like three years, or maybe they pick it up in Manila or somewhere, to the mere fact that we follow it up like two times.

The place looks nice. The food is quite good although the service is very poor, and we don't even think to go back in that Point and Grill Restaurant along Session Road... ever... again. Too bad they did not meet our standards. 

Disclaimer: I have the right to say whatever we experienced with regards to the food and the services of the restaurants as a customer point of view, and we pay for everything that we ordered.  

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