Get Ready To Sizzle With Sizzling Plate Baguio

I brought a new android phone for my kid after work, and he was so happy and enjoying it. Like the order day, we love walking along the Session Road because it's one of the main avenues here in Baguio where you can see different kinds of establishment. 

We decided to eat first before we go home. My kid likes to eat pizza that night, but hubby wants something different. However, I like pizza too.  We think to try the Pizza Volante Restaurant but there are lots of customers waiting for their turn to be seated. 

Besides Pizza Volante Restaurant is the Sizzling Plate, which has a short line of waiting. I suggest to my son, why not buy a Pizza from Greenwhich, who is next to Pizza Volante, and we will dine at Sizzling plate which my hubby agreed. 

The guard is so polite to ask us, how many of us to dine, and I said three. He immediately prepared the table for us and gives us a call to be seated. Waiter put a place mat in front of use and giving us their menu so that we can choose our order. 

I like to have and try their Sizzling Pork Sisig while hubby ordered Breaded Pork Chop. As usual iced tea for the three of us as a drinks. I also added a dessert which the waiter says their special dessert which is Sans Rival, crunchy two-layered meringue-cashew nut cake with butter icing.

While waiting for our food they served us first our drinks and their FREE soup. They served great soup because it not just a soup but it also have rice noodle in it. Enjoying our soup is great for the cold weather like tonight. After a few minutes our order is ready, I hear the sizzle from our order. It also has a side dish of beans and carrots. I can see the green chili in my Sisig while the Breaded Pork Chop of my hubby has a small pitcher of gravy which has a distinct of taste that we love. Cool!

I love their motto which is "Nothing Beats our Old Sizzle" and take note that have no service charge! The ambiance is very homey although its has a cowboy accent. Wooden table and chair adds complement to the place.

Our verdict is that their food is totally great! the service is definitely awesome! And I guarantee that I will recommend this restaurant to my friends. 

So, if you are looking for a place to eat here in Baguio, one of the best restaurants to dine-in with yummy food and great services is Sizzling Plate Session. It is located at 86 Session Rd., Baguio City with Tel. No. (074) 442-4219.

Disclaimer: We pay for all our orders and we are not paid by the restaurant to promote them. They just simply had a great food and services.

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