Home Made Ice Cream by ZANE Nutri-Delight

It was a great Sunday when we attended another GBG Baguio event called GDayX at Azalea Residences. One thing caught my attention is when I turn back in our seats during the said event. It was the booth of Homemade Ice Cream by Zane Nutri-Delight. 

As one of the sponsors of GDayX GBG Baguio, they give a free sample of scoops with their signature ice cream, the Kalabasa Malunggay flavor. Healthy treats right? I tried it. It tastes different than the commercial ice cream that we can buy in the local markets. It tastes bitter sweet for me and the rough texture maybe because of its purely natural ingredients from Kalabasa and Malunggay. The chocolate dressing complements the taste of the ice cream. Aside of the complementary treats they also sell in their booth during the GDayX. 

Ate Mon (the owner) and Ate San (friend of the owner) told me that when the ice cream starts to melt you can bring it to freezer, and it will back to its normal form unlike the other ice cream when it melts.  It forms some soft bubbles that you cannot bring back the solid texture to its original. 

Kalabasa Malunggay ice cream is very healthy and rich in nutritions. As we all know, Kalabasa has vitamins A and C, both antioxidants. It also has vitamin B, potassium, magnesium, and good source of fiber while the Malunngay or moringa has calcium, protein, potassium, zinc, amino acids and helps balance the cholesterol level in our body. 

Prior to that, I tried their Coffee Carrot flavor before the event starts. I would say that I like it more than the Kalabasa Malunggay flavor.  Aside from the first two flavor that I've mention they also have other flavors such as Avocado-Malunggay, Strawberry, Mango, Ube-Keso. 

For orders, you can text or call +63 946 176 0400. ZANE Nutri-Delight Homemade Ice Cream, Your Healthy Option to a Delicious Treat!

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