Metro Vigan Cafe Served Delectable Dishes In Vigan, Ilocos Sur

My family and I are so glad that we become part of the Vigan Day Tour courtesy of Metro Vigan Inn.  As one of the budget friendly hotel in the Vigan City. They also open their cafe where they serve authentic Ilocano dishes as well as other Filipino cuisine. 

Metro Vigan Cafe have a wide variety of food choices. It was my first time to try Bagnet in different recipe such as Crispy Bagnet, Kare-kare Bagnet, Pinakbet Bagnet and Sisig Bagnet. My husband love it so much although its not advisable for people like him who has a high cholesterol and heart problem. Bagnet is one of their specialty and they even served Bagnet Burger.

They provide a huge list of menu right on the first day of the trip. Looking at those bounteous food makes you feel filled but we need to taste it one by one and a foodie like me will never say no to try it. Let give a try with these foods and we have Spring Roll Longanisa, Poki-poki, Kare-kare Bagnet, Sinanglao, Pinakbet na Bagnet, Metro Vigan Pansit Canton, Metro Vigan Chicken, Steam Malaga, and Crispy Pata served with steamed rice and watermelon as our dessert.

We supposed to eat dinner at Metro Vigan Cafe that night but all bloggers had full stomach due to the food tour in Hidden Garden, Seniorita Dulce, and Hotel Salcedo de Vigan.

On the second day, they served another batch of food again which makes us wow... this is another challenge. So what I did like before in every food review I have is to try is in a small amount, just to taste the food so that I can savor every flavor of the food that they served. This time we have the Sisig Bagnet, Pinaputok na Tilapia, Bulalo, Crispy Bagnet, Hito at Talong, Chopsuey, Kalderetang Pato served with Metro Vigan Fried Rice and Puko Pandan for our dessert.

Although their Chef had their own version of the recipe in every food that he served to us. I would say that food in Metro Vigan is great in overall. One of my favorite is their Sisig Bagnet eventhough its kindda spicy but perfect for appetizer to boost your appetite.

Also, their Kare-kare Bagnet is perfect becaus the Bagnet itself compliments the Kare-kare sauce while their Sinanglao is a bit sour but matches the flavor of beef. Metro Vigan Pansit is winner as well as the Bulalo which is always my favorite.

I have notice that most of their menu had Bagnet into it, maybe because its one of the famous food of Ilocos Sur.  If ever I will go back to Vigan, I will definitely go back to Merto Vigan Cafe to eat. Why? because their food is great and very reasonable when it come to prices that makes also called their hotel to be one of the budget friendly. 

For prices and list of their menu or even for reservation you may visit their website at Metro Vigan Cafe is located at Bayubay Norte, San Vicente Metro Vigan, 2726 Vigan, Ilocos Sur with Telephone number (077) 674 0448 or you may email them at

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