Jelly G: The Authentic Milk Tea From Thailand

One of my favorite beverages is Milk Tea. No wonder I keep coming back to milk tea store. I used to drink tea when I am stressed,  it helps me feel more calm. So when a friend of mine ask who wants to try a new Thai Milk Tea brand in the Philippine. I made a decision to grab the opportunity to try it. 

I was surprise that it was Jelly-G Thai Milk Tea. Actually I have tried their milk tea in their Market Market branch. Since I love milk tea, I used to try different store who offer it to find the best milk tea in the Metro.

Anyway, Jelly-G Thai Milk Tea serves different kinds of juices. From their Royal Drinks, Chocolate, Coffee, and Fruit drinks. I'm sure that you will love them all. 
However, every drink has a difference to others that is why we have the so-called favorites. For me, I love their Thai Milk Tea and the Oolong Tea. What makes them different from other milk tea store is that, the only sinkers they have is Grass Jelly. I heard that it has a lots of benefits to our body.

They also served Bread Toast, we tried the Choco Banana, Pandan Delight, Spicy Tuna, Garlic Peanut Basil, and Cheesy Strawberry. I love the Choco Banana Toast and you can have it on stick or in cube.

By the way, Jelly G is the only authentic drink brand in the market that serves creamy and perfectly blended Thai Milk Tea.  

Thai Milk Tea is originated in Thailand and the main product of Jelly G. It is popular for its deep amber color of the tea and its milk-tinted layer. The combination of strongly-steeped tea, dairy and sugar make it a perfect complement to refresh your thirst. 

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