A Filipino Heritage: TRILOGY

What makes art or design distinctly Filipino? This question has always been asked, posing a challenge to visual arts and national identity. A few decades ago, this was not much of an issue but through the years, historical buildings, churches, monuments, homes, iconic structures, architectural designs have been devastated by earthquakes and other natural calamities or intentionally torn down.

TRILOGY is an exhibition that brings the audience into the world of heritage: how its is created, how is it nurtures, and how it is brought back to life. Is heritage the building? Is it the city? Is it the memory of what was then? Or is it the person who is the keeper of knowledge passed on from one generation to the next? 

Perhaps it is all these, for heritage defines identity. It is who we are 0 when we learn o accept it. Through the objects, buildings and environments that were created throughout our people's history, we are made to experience how it is to be Filipino.

TRIOLOGY is composed of three stories: the world of the craftsman of Betis, Pampanga, another that illustrates how Vigan celebrates an entire city's heritage, and the last one that tells us that what had been lost in Intramuros during the war is worth definitely recuperating. In all three, countrymen and government work hand-in-hand t keep the knowledge, memory, and manifestations of our identity intact.

TRIOLOGY invites us all to participate in the work of creating, preserving, and restoring our heritage, so we may be able to transmit these to future generations of Filipinos, as our identity is in our hands.

The exhibit will run from October 15-28, 2014, at the Art Pavillion, 2F LRI Design Plaza, Nicanor Garcial St., Bel-Air II, Makati City.

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