Barkada Chicken Inasal Serves Sumptuous Pinoy Dishes

It was so exciting to try a new version of Chicken Inasal. It was a new place where you can dine and eat good Filipino food. It was hidden in the Amstrong Ave. in Merville Access Road, Pasay City.

It’s another food tasting event for me and to my fellow food bloggers. We started with Sisig and Lumpia Roll. I noticed that they put mayo in their Sisig while I love the plate they use to serve the lumpia. Next was the Kare-kare which is very creamy. Along the way of eating I thought, if they are Chicken Inasal Resto why they did not serve it to us?

Until they serve it (hahaha too excited). We have the Petcho, Paa and they even served whole chicken which they called Soy Chicken. It so flavorful and I love the sauce of Soy Chicken, the chef says that it’s a peanut sauce but looks like not, anyway, I love it.

They also serve us Pinakbet and wait because I saw a big slab of Crispy Pata handled by the crew and served it to us.  Off course, we have Mango, Green Mango Shake and Ice tea on the side was refreshing. Plus, sweet desserts like Buko Pandan and the Mais Con Yelo.

I would say that I like the twist on their Buko Pandan it makes them different from the others who served that kind of dessert. Although, adding a buko strips on top of the cream makes it more detectable. For Mais Con Yelo, they should have put there a crushed iced next time to add appeal in their presentation and of course for much easier eating.

The taste of their Inasal is not too far from the other Inasal houses in the Metro that I’ve tried. The presentation of how they served it, etc. I would suggest that why not they include side dish on the side like achara together with the chicken and rice.

My verdict to their food is a thumb up because their food is really good although there are few things to modify. But I believed that their Chef will do something about it because I heard that he come from a big name restaurants in Manila (You can do it chef!).

By the way, this restaurant who serves Filipino dishes is owned by an Indian National not a Filipino but he is Pinoy at Heart. 

You can visit their website at They also accepts delivery, you may call  776-7026 or 0917-5737026.

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