Celebrate The National Pasta Month With Dona Elena Al Dente

When eating pasta, we all loves to have it to be al dente. Nobody wants to have a mushy pasta, especially when you celebrate the National Pasta Month this October.

This appreciation month is celebrated in different parts of the world and here in the Philippines. We all know that Pasta was a global food consumed in all five continents in the world. This month, Dona Elena Al Dente invites us to celebrate the National Pasta Month by taking your regular pasta dishes to the next level.

Dona Elena Al Dente is the only Artisan Quality Italian Pasta. It is made using high quality, 100% durum wheat semolina or hard wheat. It uses special bronze dies which leaves a rough surface that creates ridges on the pasta. It has 13% protein and GM-free which makes it 100% natural.

During the event, celebrity host RJ Ledesma share us his pasta experience and also Chef Michel Cottabaren shares three delectable new recipes using Dona Elena Al Dente Penne Rigate, Dona Elena Al Dente Fettucini, and Dona Elena Al Dente Lasagna. He gave tips to us like; do not put oil in pasta whn boiling to see the quality of the pasta. Dona Elena Al Dente does not require oil because they do not stick together. 

Other variants of Dona Elena Al Dente are the following;

Spaghetti (500g)
Fettucini (500g)
Lasagna (500g)
Penne Rigate (500g and 250g)
Fusilli (500g ad 250g)

Next time if someone will ask you how you like your pasta. simply say, "Al Dente!"

You may Like Dona Elena Al Dente Pasta at http://www.facebook.com/Donaelenacuiseneraclub and to know more about Dona Elena Al Dente visit their website at http://www.flyacecorp.com/.

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