Hansel Crackers: Cracker Catchin Winner

Last Saturday, October 11, 2014 was the day when the activity Center of Market Market was filled with surprises. 

Not only that they where experience to taste the Hansel Crackers during its activity for the announcing of winners of #CrakerCathin challenge. 

It was started when a group of teens was performed they dance number and who have said that they are position around the activity center and surprise the people with a stunning dance performances. 

Afterwards, announcing the winner took place and the Grand Prize winner for the Hansel #Cracker Cathin is Kariz Anne Dumangsang who won P25,000

Watch her awesome #CrackerCatchin entry using a "Rube Goldberg Machine."  Check out her video here.

What is Hansel Crackers?

It is define as casual, fun and humorous Round Plain Crackers with a sweet-salty plain crackers taste. It contains 12 pieces in its regular pack. Hansel Crackers is best consumed by sharing with friends, families, barakada etc.

Product is referred to as "Hansel Crackers" as opposed to "Hansel" to differentiate it from other Hansel products.

Stay tuned because more fun promos from Hansel are on their way!

You may visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/TheHanselCrackers for more information.

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