The Maya Kitchen Presents l'entrecote Corner Bar & Bistro

I was invited to visit The Maya Kitchen at The Maya Kitchen Culinary Arts Center in Liberty Building in Makati City. They present l'entrecote Corner Bar and Bistro with Chef Martin Kaspar.

Chef Martin kaspar shared his top recipe that he also served in his restaurant in Bonifacio Global City, the l'entrecote Corner Bar and Bistro.

He cooked five (5) dishes for us to taste and this are the following;

Baked Mussel with Cafe de Paris - its a classic but a bit spicy. I don't used to eat mussels but when I tried it. I taste different the gammy texture that I experience before was not there.

Marinated Salmon with Lemon Risoto - This is a perfect harmony recipe because of the sweetness of the Salmon with the creamy-tangy flavor of the Risotto is simply the best. This one is my favorite!

Beef Stroganoff - The Swiss style of the popular Tender Beef a la minute Paprika Goulash. This one taste good and the beef was really tender and I love it.

Piri Piri - this is Chef Martin's version of the all-star Piri Piri.

Duck Liver on Potato & Caramelized Inions, Calamansi & Berry Glaze - It was rich, smooth, sweet and fruity in flavor and you enjoy the combination. Very interesting on how Chef Martin do it. 

After he cooked all those dish. We all invited to the buffet where we can try all those sumptuous food. It was very clever to showcase it because you will not see it being served in a usual lunch or dinner. However, you can try it and experience the food of Chef Martin Kaspar by visiting his restaurant in BGC. 

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