Tiger Energy Biscuits for Mental and Physical Development of Alisto Kid

Everyday  our kid faced new challenges whether in school or at home. However, there are some kids who are really quick in thinking and quick in finding alternatives to face their challenges.

Being Alisto matters a lot, especially among kids. What is Alisto kid? It was described to be an active, lively and mentally sharp kids.

Mommies are also knows about this challenges that's why they raise their kids well to have healthy bodies and mentally alert and most moms knows that the Tiger Energy Biscuits can help them to raise an Alisto kids!

Celebrity mom Camille Prats knows all about the challenge of raising physically and mentally developed Alisto kids. That is why with her son Nathan, she doesn't take chances. She believes in giving Nathan the best in everything. She even said that with the activities that they do and the food that he eats. She gave Nathan the Tiger Energy Biscuits as a snack and baon to provide the nutrients he needs.

What are the Alisto Nutrients?

Among other nutrients, Iron, Zinc, and Vitamins B1 and B2 help in physical and mental development.  

"If Chicldren do not receive these nutrients, their mental and physical performance will be compromised." 
Dr. Celeste C. Tanchoco

Just like Tiger Energy Biscuits. It contains Zinc, Iron, Vitamins B1 and B2 ti help in the physical and mental development of kids. What's more, eating one pack of Tiger Energy Biscuits can give your kids the energy equivalent to one glass of skim milk.

Mondelez Philippines, the maker of Tiger Energy Biscuits is helping moms to provide nutrients t their kids because one pack of Tiger can only cost P5.00 SRP. That is 6 pieces of Vanilla or Chocolate-flavored biscuits made with wheat and that have milk, which pack nutrients in every bite.

Help your kids become everyday Alisto and ready to take on challenges with Tiger Energy Biscuits!

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