ARIEL: 1 Higanteng Linis, 1 Higanteng Fiesta

It was a pleasure to be invited for big gatherings like Ariel maki-fiesta event, who took place in the Art Capital of the Philippines, Angono, Rizal. Every year people of Angono celebrate the Feast day of San Clemente and with their popular Higantes Festival.

The opening of the event was a bang! Dancers gracefully perform their number as people are coming-in for the big celebration of their fiesta together with Ariel. Ariel as the world's leading detergent that epitomizes superior in stain removal has a huge present for the people of Angono. 

On the event, aside from providing games and entertainment, Ariel will also be sponsoring food for 1,000 people which will be one of the many highlights of the program. The day was so much fun, busy and very entertaining. After eating, the table was so messy and dirty. You might think that how to clean up all those mess in an instant, on the other hand we are not that worried because Ariel is there to help those stained table cloth to be clean and yes! I'm right because it's proven that Ariel is better tough stain removal in just 1 wash than with any other detergent!

So, I created an infographic for you to see the highlights of the event because telling stories in writing is not enough to describe how we (me, bloggers and the people of Angono) enjoyed the whole afternoon.


By the way you can visit Ariel's website at to learn more about them and Like them on Facebook at #Ariel #HigantengLinis #HigantengFiesta #HigantesFestival.

Until next time!

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