Conitnue Caring Of The Home-cooked Meals With Del Monte Kitchenomics

Most Filipino households is one of the strong foundations of a close family ties and we prevalent practices like home-cooking for our love ones because it's so uncomperable moment for our family.

Most of the bonding moment and good conversation usually happens in every meal and we can notice that the more delicious the meal, the more time that our family stays to catch up to one another.

With our hectic world, Del Monte Kitchecnomics has its advocay called "One Recipe a Day". It was Launched last October 12 of this year in the 30th Anniversary celebration of Del Monte Kitchenomics in a simultaneously celebration in Manila, Cebu and Davao. 

It was participated with the Del Monte Kitchenomics members and volunteer moms who come together to cook one year's worth of recipe, which is 365 dishes in one day. The said kick-off was to established the range of variety that dishes that can be found in the Del Monte Kitchenomics recipe database which is from ulam, snack, pasta dishes, soups, salads and up to  desserts. This is to show that even if we have the past pace changing of the world, we can still keep the tradition of lutong-bahay or home-cooked are possible.

Del Monte Kitchenomics Facebook fan page, website(, and the Del Monte Kitchenomics App will provide recipes regularly. The recipe line-up will be beefeed up with more easy to prepare and yet delicious recipes like 3-step 15 minute recipes, dessert in 10 minutes and more. Only weekly basis Del Monte Kitchenomics' Facebook fans will have a chance to intereact with the company nutritionist and chef.

With the new cooking solutions, the "One Recipe a Day" is made possible with Del Monte Kitchenomics to be the partner of its members and Filipino homemakers because Del Monte Kitchenomics purpose is to helep Filipino homemakers to create memorable meals that show their love and care for their families.

Visit Del Monte Kitchenomics website at to know how to become a part of Del Monte Kitchenomics Club and Like ther Facebook page at to gete updated with more recipes and cooking tips. You can also download their mobile app which is available on iTunes and Google Plat store or you may text DMK to 2600.

Happy Cooking!

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