It's Cool To Be In Kool Kids

Most of the people loves eating ice cream in so many and different ways. When I was young I used to eat sorbetes (dirty ice cream) with my Lola in our ancestral house in Sta. Mesa, Mamang Sorbetero used to layover in front of the house.

But who knows that those traditional ice cream that we used to grow up with will be given a new face of the different ice cream company, vendors and parlor today.

This kind of ice cream evolution became more interesting to the patrons and one of which is the Kool Kids that mommy bloggers had visited together with the cute kids. Unfortunately, my kid doesn't like to come with me.

Anyway, during that day. We are able to meet the owner and the man behind the cool brain with Kool Kids, Mr. Miguel Aranas. He said, the idea was taken from Europe when they happen to see an ice cream parlor there who served ice cream without freezing and using liquid nitrogen. Sounds interesting right?

Kool Kids are actually the 3rd ice cream shop in Manila who uses Liquid Nitrogen but they made their ice cream very unique. They made it in small batches and fresh. Mr. Aranas said that liquid nitrogen freezes the liquid in 2-3 minutes. Yes, that fast! Because it can easily reach its freezing point of -100 degree Celsius.

What makes their ice cream truly unique is the merging of old-school, hand churned ice cream, and new-age liquid nitrogen freezing. They put together two techniques from two different eras that they think work well together to provide a fresher, creamier, and most flavorful ice cream. One thing is that they made your order right in front of you.

We tried the favorites line such as Nuts 4 Nutella, Mad Vanilla, and Karamel Kool. Also from their Premium line, we have Dark Crookies and the Hangover Part 4 (which is not for kids because there is whiskey in it) and they changed their flavors every week except for the Favorites Line.

Aside from that, Mr. Aranas also served us their Baked Goods which is the Chocolate Cookies and the Frodough. I like the idea of Frodough, it has cold ice cream inside the doughnut while being served hot outside. Cool right! The prices are very reasonable for the ice cream its Php120 (Regular) and Php200 (Large) while the Frodough is for only Php90. He also mentioned that they might be increasing a little in the next few weeks to comply with the pricing of liquid nitrogen.

They open their first branch which is in Kapitolyo, Pasig last April and the following month they open the 2nd branch which is at Megamall. You can Like their Facebook page at and follow the, on Instagram at

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