Tamayaki's Creative Flavors of Takoyaki Balls

When I got the invites to Tamayaki, I remember my son. He is a fan of Japanese Foods and Culture, he even dreamed of going to Japan and stay there for good. 

When you heard Takoyaki, the first thing that comes to your mind was one of the popular street food in Japan. However, when I came to the Tamayaki food tasting event. I was surprise that it was franchise and originated in China. They specializes in making quality Takoyaki balls.

I love the Kani and Shrimp flavor, I also tried the pork barbeque and seasoned octupus. Of course, these takoyaki balls is perfectly paired with Tamayaki Milk Tea. 

I love their yogurt popballs, I wish that I already know about how it was to eat with your favorite drink.

I love the concept of their store. It looks fun, eye-catching and clever idea for a store theme. What makes their takoyaki balls unique from other takoyaki store is the taste fusion of the traditional and the new. 

Their Takoyaki comes in different delectable, mouthwatering, and inventive flavors that are sure to fit the taste palate of both the old and the young generation and not only that because they also serves rice meals.

It was an enjoyable visit and I am looking forward to visit them once again. 

You may visit their website at http://www.tamayaki.com/en/ and Like their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/TamayakiPH