The Royal Piccadilly: A British Inspired Restaurant and Cakery

It's another food trip with the Zomans. This time we invade The Royal Piccadilly Restaurant and Cakery located in Katipunan.

Even though the place is hardly find for me and seems like not all people knows it. I still have the courage to find by myself and like before I found the place that I'm looking for. 

The place is so sophisticated, when you enter the restaurant you will know that this place has a standard class of people that will used to dine. And the interiors are really fabulous. From the tea pots collections as well as the stainless plate cards hanging on the wall together with the great counter design.

It's actually a British inspired family restaurant who specializes in British and Continental Cuisine, as well as meat pies, cupcakes, cakes and other desserts. 

This is something new, usually we have a variety of Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, American and Italian restaurant here in the Philippines and this one... British!

Let's get British!

First, we have Coronation Chicken Salad, I will honestly say that I did not enjoy it because personally don't like greens, but tried a small portion just to taste it. Then Bangers and Mash follows, this one I would say that I love their Mash Potato its so creamy, although there is a small bits of potato like in hash browns and compliments with the sausage very well.

They also served the Meat Pies with Mash Potato and Mushy Peas. It's actually something new to me, oh well, I'm talking about the Mushy Peas. It looks eewww but kindda bland in taste. However, there's salt and pepper at the table to the rescue.

Next was the Fish and Chips, Braised Lamb Shank and the Baby Back Ribs which we go gaga because of its huge servings and I think it's good for sharing so bring it on with your friends or family. By the way the price of Baby Back Ribs will depends on the size of the ribs coming from their supplier, so don't get shocked why the price will get bigger or lesser.


If you think that we are already full. Well, sorry, but we are not and we are not afraid to try their Knights Bridge Afternoon Tea sets and it's because I love desserts and pastries. I appreciate this portion much, lols. We have Sultana Scones, Puffins, Caramel Bars, Rainbow cake and of course with Twinings tea. Oh, before I forgot we have Ice tea with cherry. Also, we tried the Butter Beer which is originally from Harry Potter.

The tea is perfect, especially if you consume lots of meat. It helps your digestion past. 

The evening was a blast and the food was really good and to learn more about The Royal Picadilly Restaurant and Cakery, you may visit their Facebook at and visit their blog site at

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