My Disney on Ice Dare to Dream Experienced

One of my favorite cartoon character is Mickey Mouse and I love all Disney Princesses. When I was a kid, I even dreamed of meeting my own Prince Charming and we can live happily ever after. I also, think that all fairy tale was real.

When I grew up, I realized it's just a tale that maybe happen in real life but so rare to come true. However, it doesn't change my mind to love everything about Disney specially Mickey because the kids at heart is always with me.

It was my first time to watch Disney on Ice though I always hear the show every year especially when Christmas seasons is coming. I was one of the blogger who have been invited to have a contest for the said event and giving away instant tickets to my readers as Magnolia Chocolait Brings To You This Year’s Much-awaited Ice Skating Spectacle! 

My family is so happy, especially my son. He even claps his hands in between of good scenes. Also, my winners are so thankful as they enjoyed the show. What I love with the Disney on ICe  Dare to Dream is the musical part of the show, I think it's with Rapunzel's story, but in general the show was amazing because I know that it was so hard to skate while delivering lines. 

Then there was the meet and greet and it was good, but I think it should be better if some of the other cast was there. They only brought Snow White and his Prince Charming Henry for the meet and greet and it was really fast. The kids are expecting to see at least Mickey and Minie Mouse or other Princesses. Oh well, that's life and for free.

I also love the merchandise items that they sell. I even think of buying this mug to add in my collection, but it was so expensive and I think, not a good idea to buy it. However, Reign was really love to buy one of the Princess mugs and then she have before she cried out loud.

Anyway, I'm hoping that Smart Araneta as well as their sponsors like Magnolia Chocolait will bring more of this kind of show here. By the way, I would like to thank Magnolia Chocolait for giving us the chance to watch this amazing Ice Skating show, the Disney on Ice Dare to Dream.

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