This Isn't Pope Francis, I am Telling You!

I never thought that one day there will be someone who will copy as in literally copied  Pope Francis. Imitating the way he talks, the way he smiled and the way he looks. 

Impersonating Pope Francis is not a joke! You have to have strong skills and talent about duplicating the people that you would like to impersonate. 

I stumble this video of Green Mango as they shared the video of one of the world-class impersonator of the Philippines non-other than Mr. Willie Nepomuceno. 

When I watch the video, it makes me smile. One of my favorite lines in the video was, "Its a papal visit and not epal visit."

Look at the video carefully because that wasn’t Pope Francis! The true Philippine comedy legend debuts his world-class impersonation of our Holy Father and exclusively on Green Mango. 

Watch the video of Willie Nepomuceno turns as Pope Francis here.

He is really good at his craft. However, in my opinion, and I would say that he did not copy the voice of the Holy Father.  The way that Pope Francis talks and the face looked bigger than his body may be a little more make up will do. And of course, Sir Willie... I know you know it already that practice makes perfect. I know you can do it!

I'm sure that Mr. Willie Nep as the Pope will blow you away! 

What about you guys? Are you entertained to like me? I want to hear your opinion about this, drop me a comment and let's talk about it! 

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