Food Crawl With Zomans: Solaire Resorts and Casino 2nd Anniversary Special

It was another gastronomic experience we had in Zomato food review. This time we will raid the six  restaurants of Solaire Resorts and Casino. Yes, it was six (6). I was so excited to try other restaurants there before I was invited to the launching of Oasis Garden Cafe and the Waterside Restobar late last year. I love the place both relaxing and the food they served is fantastic!

Going back to the food crawl, as Solaire Resorts and Casino gives as the privilege to try their 2nd Anniversary Menu Special with the six restaurants such as Finestra, Waterside Restobar, Oasis Garden Cafe, Red Lantern, Yakumi and Strip.

Below are the food that they served to us;

For Finestra, we had Saltimbocca Alla Sorrentina (Anniversary special offer). There is nothing special with this its like pizza for me. However, the ambiance and the place's interiors are really awesome. 

For Waterside Restobar, we had Paella Valenciana, Surf & Turf – Hanger Steak, Salmon, Pork Ribs, and Prawns, Coaster – Humita and Potato Carbonara. As always, the Paella Valenciana and their Surf and Turf is one of my favorite in this restaurant. They really have a great chef, and they served food generously and always served hot.

For Oasis Garden Cafe, we had Butter scotch macaron cake, Layers of almond caramel filled with caramel and butterscotch parfait with roasted almonds, Blondies with roasted mango and avocado, Glazed Blondies, avocado panacotta with roasted fresh mango, Strawberry chiffon cake, and Red velvet cake, vanilla mascaporne filling, fresh strawberries. The cakes and tea is always perfect in the after chilling. This place is perfect for a small afternoon snack, meetings and/or just to relax.

For Red Lantern, we had Wuxi Braised Ribs (Anniversary special offer). It taste like Asado, the sweet flavor is ideal for kids while there is something in it that i can't explain, maybe the star anise or something.

For Yakumi, we had Ehou Maki (Anniversary special offer). I never seen such a huge block  of Maki before and it was appetizing maybe because of the 7 ingredients in it. Take note they gave us a good tip on how to eat it, and you have to eat it all in just one take. How was that? and you would like to dare? By the way, their wasabi is really fresh and strong!

For Strip, we had Pastrami-Spiced Black Angus Beef Short Ribs (Anniversary special offer). I like the bar, the chairs in the entrance and the file of wines in the shelf. Love the tenderness of the beef and the mashed potato.

It was fun going to restaurant and hop-in to another restaurant but make sure that you can handle it all. What I did during that day is that, I make sure that I tried everything by simply having it in small bite or portions of the food so that I will not skip anything. It is better that way, instead of eating a lot in one restaurant and in the next restaurant or at the end of the food crawl there will be no more place for food in my stomach. 
Eating is good as long as you take it moderately and I will recommend all the six restaurants that we tried in Solaire Resorts and Casino. However, it should be a lot better if other restaurant who join the food crawl of Zomato have prepare at least 3 kinds of their food because it seems like not enough to review that is why the review for them is also limited.  
All in all, the Zomato Food Crawl in Solaire is good.

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