Potts Point Cafe Degustation Now Open In SM MOA

I love eating... that is why food review is so much fun for me!

Trying out the best foods in a restaurant is an experience to cherish because food is unique. This time I was able to try the new Potts Point Cafe branch in SM Mall of Asia.

They opening of this new branch next to the Eastwood branch is so great yet very simple. By the way, they serve organic foods and Potts Point Cafe provides Australian organic coffee and serves Australian food made by organic ingredients. 

So, let me tell you our experienced. 

We tried different foods that they served and even the food that they only serve there alone.

We have Shakshuka with Organic Port Sausage and Organic Egg with Toasted Baguette for the appetizer which is kinda sour in taste but yummy because it complements the Baguette. Next is Cream of Organic Cauliflower Soup with Truffle Foam which I also like because I never thought that I am eating a cauliflower. Believe me, it won't taste like veggie soup at all, it is so creamy. They also serve fresh juices and Shakes and smoothies.

For pasta, we have Salmon Linguine with Capers in Dill Cream Sauce and we have Roast Australian Lam with Bone Marrow with Brown Rice and Demi glanced. I personally recommend the pasta its really tasteful. However, if you don't usually eat lamb like me you will not going to like their Roast Australian Lam with Bone Marrow. For me, the meat is pretty though.

They also served us their best seller sandwiches which are the Australian Grass-fed All Beef Burger with Australian Cheddar, Pickled Beets, Olive oil Aioli and House-made Brioche Bun with Baked Sweet Potato Wedges. I simply say that this one rocks! hahaha, Love this Burger as well as the sweet potato wedges with parmesan cheese I guess.

And of course, for dessert we have the Strawberry, Kiwi and Mango Trifle with Light Vanilla Custard and Cookie Crumble and the English Sticky Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream which is so delish that makes them delightfully desserts. They also serve Delano Coffee.

The Ambiance is good but not too relaxing to stay. High ceiling with a modern designs with their best seller foods hanging on the wall makes it more pleasant plus they have great view by the sea of Manila Bay in the veranda outside if ever you like to dine outside. Their food costs ranging from Php180 to Php800. 

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