BAHAY Buffet Goes To MoCa Farm

As we all know, Filipinos love to eat and no question about that. BAHAY Buffet had launched its first ever BAHAY Buffet trip to Moca Farm in Padre Garcia, Batangas. 

MoCa Family as the host is very hospitable and kind. They shared to us their best menu and tried it, indeed it was a feast.

When we arrived in the MoCa Farm, we had a small snack with their version of Tamales with crispy coconut meat and santan syrup that you can pair with freshly brewed Liberica coffee or commonly known as Kapeng Barako ng Batangas. I don't drink coffee so I had a santol juice which is good and taste sweet. I tried the Bignay Cider too. It's actually something new to me, drinking santol juice and bignay cider. Actually, Ka Gigi told us that they only served to their guest all that they can harvest in the farm. So basically, it's more seasonal for fruits and other vegetables.

Afterward, we had the tour around the farm. They have different varieties of vegetable as well as fruits. They also have native pig, chickens, goats, rabbit and a dog. 

I've seen some butterflies, no wonder because they have different kinds of flowers too from edible and not. Orchids are also visible in the area.

The MoCa Farm is only an hectare, but the trees, plants, flowers and animals they have is so rich. 

Finally, the long wait is over, the food is ready... the Bahay Buffet style.

We have Creamy Kalabasa Soup with Malunggay Flakes, MoCa Farm Seasonal Garden Salad, Zesty Santol with Pork in Coconut Milk, Native Pig Lechon, Pinaputukang Tilapia wrapped in Galangal Leaves, and Sapin Sapin Rice. Of course for dessert, we have Hubad na Lumpiang Saging.

I personally love the Native Pig Lechon, I actually trying not to eat meat from the pig for months now but can't resist to experience it, it's organic anyway. Lols.

Also, I like the Sapin sapin rice very attractive to its color. The Seasonal Garden Salad is good, very refreshing on the mouth.

The Zesty Santol with Pork in Coconut Milk is just fine for me, I should like it more maybe if it is not too spicy. Anyway, its concept originates from the dish Bicol Express.

My husband and my kid were there too and they both have a different opinion in their experiences and with the foods that eat.

For Hubby, he likes the Zesty Santol with Pork in Coconut Milk and the Native Pig Lechon. He said he would like to have another organic buffet experience again.

"I love to copy the recipe of Zesty Santol with Pork in Coconut Milk of Moca Farm," - Daddy Arnie.

For Baby, he likes the Native Pig Lechon and the Hubad na Lumpiang Saging only. He enjoys taking pictures around the farm especially in the camp site.

"I want to experience having an overnight in a camp site like in the MoCa Farm," - Baby Jet.

In my opinion, Hubby did not enjoy the other food because there is nothing special from them aside from being fresh and organic. Baby didn't enjoy much of his food because it wasn't a kid-friendly dish. And for me, it is just fine because I am looking for something more special that I would like to look forward to. I want something that will become the reason why I like to go back to the place. Like I want to go back there because of a particular dish that I can only experience there. Something unique and special. Although, I know and for sure MoCa Farm served us the special in them and thanks to them for the food and small tour in the farm as well as to the team of BAHAY Buffet. I know next time it will be much better and improve.

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