Get A New Twist In Your Kitchen With Midea Appliances

I attended the event of Midea's New Wave of Cooking held in Marmalade Kitchen in BGC and I am very much impressed with the appliances that they offer. Love the 20.1 cu.ft. French Door Refrigerator which you can't imagine a whole Lechon de Leche can fit it.  

There is also a cooking demo where celebrity chef Rob Pengson shared tips and tricks that we didn’t know we could do with Midea’s small domestic appliances. On the cooking demo, Chef Rob shows how Midea’s kitchen appliances standout in terms of quality, performance and affordability in the new wave of cooking.

As one of the world class brand, Midea brings the latest innovation of kitchen appliances in the country. Its line of microwave ovens, induction cookers, digital multi-cookers and electric kettles that surely make any homemakers life easier.

It is of course energy efficient, solid in performances and has a compact design that make essential additions in any start-up family.

One of my favorites in their products aside from the refrigerator is the Digital Multi-cooker and Electric Kettle. Digital Multi-cooker, apart from cooking rice, you can also cook dishes like congee and stew, steam seafood, rice cakes, and vegetables. Also, you can make soups and boiled eggs by just pressing a button. While the feature I love with their Electric Kettle is that it comes with double wall technology that prevents heat from the exterior while keeping the boiled water warm for a longer time.

Sometimes a small investment with our appliances doesn't hurt us. It can be use for a long period of time and you can surely secure your family from danger. As a mom, I make it a point that all appliances that I brought inside our house is safe, convenient and affordable without losing its quality. 

I found out that Midea products is one of the brands that holds its commitment of enriching the different lifestyles of people and let you experience the same quality that you can get in other branded appliances at a reasonable price. However, sometimes, we are not after the price as long as we can use the appliances safe for us and for the whole family.  

For more information about Midea, you can visit their website at or you may call them at +632 850 9888.

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