Xilaimen Seafood Restaurant Is Now Open

I grew up  in Manila where we always visit Binondo and Divisoria area and there are two things we do there. First is to deliver our leather goods for our Chinese buyers and second is to eat Chinese food as always. I must admit that I love sea foods.  Grandma teaches me how eat it and we likely have it in our table 3-4 times a week. 

Today,  even I don't eat seafood more often and Grandma passed away few years ago. Chinese food is one of the most common dishes that we eat. I am so glad to know that Xilaimen Seafood Restaurant is now open and I am lucky because I am one of the few people who will try their food.

Aside from Chinese menu they have, I noticed that they also serve exotic dishes. I must say that this is something more challenging to me but will try it. When you enter to their restaurant, you will see the peking ducks hanging on the left side and an aquarium with fish and other live sea foods. 

First we have Cold Cuts, a different combination from tofu, pork, chicken, century egg, etc. and we have Mixed Seafood with Polonchay Soup which I find it so good. just don't mind the color green and thick texture of the soup which makes you think of something.

The Pan Fried Prawns with Salted Egg was served and as usual this is one of my favorite so no doubt that I will definitely love it. It was followed by Lechon Macau which is really good because of the crispy skin and very tender meat. The Lapu-Lapu in Egg white was like so-so but definitely something to look at when you visit.

Now here's the most challenging part because Spicy Frog Legs was already present plus the Elephant Shell with Broccoli Flower in XO Sauce. It was kinda awkward to eat although I tried Frog legs before in one of the food adventure I had in McKinnley Hill but the Elephant Shell? come on! this is something I never think I could try to eat. So, I take the courage to try it and thinking that they will not serve it to use if it's not one of their best sellers. Guess what? It taste and looks like a squid, so who's scared eating it? I think I like it, the XO Sauce gives it a better taste I guess.

Let's get back with the rest of the food, Sate Fried Crabs with Sotanghon is also my favorite. Who don't like crabs and I personally love it even without sotanghon and, of course, served us with Yangchow Fried Rice.

I have Buko Juice for the drink and my friends have Green and Ripe Mango Fresh Fruit Shake. plus we have Mixed Fruits for our desserts who is very elegant in its presentation. 

The interiors were sophisticated modern design and the food presentation was really impressive plus the warm welcome of the owner and the crew of Xilaimen. The Pricing is affordable from Dimsum that cost Php 100 to main dishes that cost Php 650.

They also have function rooms for special occasions and they serve group food for 8-12 person just check out the food inclusions. The price is from Php 4,300 up to Php 14,800 depending on the food sets you prepare.

Xilaimen Seafood Restaurant is located at the Al Fresco, Upper Ground Floor of Robinson's Magnolia. For inquiries and reservation, you may contact them at telephone number 720-9725.

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