The Taste Of Capitol Is Now In Tomas Morato

Food trip if that is what you call it when you love to eat more and more delectable dishes. I was very lucky to try this newly opened restaurant in Tomas Morato. Though I heard that they initially opened it in Kapitolyo in Pasig. 

The restaurant in Kapitolyo was needed to be close for some reasons as per Sir Mark, one of the owner. Anyway, I am here to tell you some of my foodscapade while I am in The Taste of Capitol.

We have Chicago Meatballs with white creamy sauce for appetizer. There is something in it that I can't explain and I am telling you it's delicious. Then the Texas Nachos has arrived in our table and I am pretty sure that its one of the best in their all-time favorites. However, the meat of the nachos was little salty.

It was followed by Pinoy BBQ Soft Taco which is I haven't tried, :( where I am why I did not try it!

Moving on, the sizzling hot plate was next... we have sausage and it taste like so-so for me. One thing I don't like is that it was so peppery. Spicy... yes and I heard that you can request if you don't like it spicy. Next is the Barbeque Ribs, this one is so love because of the tenderness of its meat and the kinda sweet sauce. Hmmm... yummy!

We also tried the New York Hotdog which also spicy maybe because it is also the same sausage that they use with the sizzling sausage who happens to be spicy. Kids will not love it but sounds interesting for them to try.

Then, the pork chops with mashed potato was ready. The gravy is fine, but I think A1 sauce is perfect for the pork chop and the gravy for the mashed potato.

They also serve us pasta such as Carbonara and Olive Oil Garlic both taste really good for me. Anyway, I am a Pasta lover.

Of course, my most awaited part is the dessert time! we have Ice Cream Sundae and also top of all is a glass of iced tea for me while the rest of my friends have Milkshakes and juices while the others are trying out the alcoholic beverages like Adios Mother Fucker, Frozen P.Apple Daiquiri, and Sex in the Jungle. I had to try and make a sip in their flavored beer in four flavors namely Rose, Litchi, Cassis and Citron Vert.

If you are looking for a place to hangout that has something to be interested of, I would suggest this place. It has a rich of portraits who are framed in the wall with interesting story which is most of them are puzzles. The etsy design, combination of retro and vintage was fabulous and I love the big mural of Statue of Liberty on the second floor. Table design was also great to see. The ambiance is so cool perfect for friends to stay and have good meals on their plate.

So guys, if you happen to be in Tomas Morato area, you can check out the Taste of Capitol and try their foods. It's near Zirko and Red Crab... see you there!

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