What's Your Perfect Margarita?

Having a perfect margarita is maybe all about personal preferences. However, it should be refreshing and tasty without being overly sugary or strong. The basic rules on making your margarita is about using the best ingredients like the finest 100% blue agave tequila, the best orange liquire, the freshness of limes and the cleanest salts. 

With that the worlds's finest tequila and best orange liqueur companies have come together to give you, Your Perfect Margarita!

Casa Noble Tequila and Cointreau are the two ingredients that most mixologists and bar tenders prefer when making their signature margaritas. Casa Noble has been producing tequila since 1700 and one of the three organic tequila manufacturing worldwide.

During the launching of Your Perfect Margarita, I was able to try mixing my own margarita and named it Sexy Party that made me the winner for that contest in creating your perfect margarita. It was a surprise because I never though that I won the contest. 

They also bringing "Your Perfect Margarita" together with selected bloggers and media to top bars and lounges in Metro Manila this month of August. To have a mission to taste the best of Your Perfect Magarita!

Follow them on Facebook at facebook.com/yourperfectmargarita and on instagram at @Your Perfect Margarita to get the latest information on schedule and venues. 

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