Experience the Good Food, Great Music and Spent Your Weekend at Mandala Park

De-stressing from a tiring work week entails basking in wholesome experiences. A weekend market meant to do such now opens as part of the unveiling of a new community of wellness that reinstates Liberty Center as MandalaPark, the first and only integrated in-city living and wellness district located on the other side of Mandaluyong.

The Mandala Park weekend market unravels the enclave’s vision of bringing sustainable living for everyone to embrace. With good food, soulful music, and relaxing moments spent in the company of family and friends, neighboring people can now gain a holistic sense of well-being espoused by the community in Mandala.

Green Living in the Urban Setting

As weekend markets advance from trend to norm, so does its quality. Much like green space, weekend markets help promote engagement in the community as well as the betterment of one’s well-being.

1. The Mandala Park weekend market seeks to set a new standard where people experience accessible wellness.  A study says that city dwellers tend to have sunnier dispositions when their community has a green space, a place where they can escape the hustle and bustle without having to leave it the city.

2. This paved the way for green living to slowly make its way to the forefront of everyone’s minds, over the last couple of years. As evidenced by the growing influence of fitness and everything organic and sustainable, Filipinos, too, have become more conscious of what they consume as well as the activities they participate in, often making sure that they are not negatively impacting the environment around them.

In terms of food, Filipinos have become more discerning, choosing products that are locally sourced or uses organically grown ingredients. In terms of activities, they are more inclined to choose ones that offer more substance; examples of which include nature hikes, the growing cycling culture, and even weekend markets. 

An Elevated Taste of Wellness

The first installment of the Mandala Park weekend market series lines up some of the Metro’s newest and most innovative pop-up restos and one-offs that offer new Curated by Pinoy Eats World founder, JJ Yulo, the Mandala Park weekend market features preservative-free ice cream from Fog City Creamery, cold-pressed juice from Fruit Magic’s Pure Nectar Fresh Juice line, craft cookies and milk made fresh by Scout’s Honor, Out of the Box’s Bulletproof coffee made with Brain Octane Oil and grass-fed unsalted butter, citrusy ginger ale freshly brewed by Stanford & Shaw, healthy and homegrown non-alcoholic beverages from Orich, and organic locally sourced vegetable dishes from Edgy Veggy.

When asked about his choice of merchants, Yulo had this to say, “I am always on the lookout for food entrepreneurs who have something of high quality. All of them are passionate about their products and are enthusiastic to show them off.” 

The weekend market will also sell healthy whole food snacks from Take Root, accessible and delicious perfectly smoked barbeque provided by Ribs Manila, hearty ramen from Iroha, customized burgers courtesy of The Burger Project, personalized bibimbap bowls from IAmKim, and flavorful Mexican food from the B&T Mexican Furthermore, Basti Artadi will be bringing chill vibes through jazz performances with his band. With JJ Yulo hand-picking the merchants, Basti Artadi providing the entertainment and Mandala Park developing the community, the weekend market serves as the first of the many events that help elevate the place into a regentrified epicenter of wellness.   

For more information on the Mandala Park weekend market series, follow Mandala Park on facebook at www.facebook.com/mandalaparkph, and on Instagram @mandalaparkph.

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