Calle Preciousa Is Your Kitchen Away From Home

Calle Preciousa is exactly like other Seafood, Dampa, Palutuan Restaurants that we normally see. The difference is that they have their own fresh seafood market that you can choose with a different variety of fishes, seashells, shrimps, squid, crabs, etc.

They also have few white and red meats on their market side while greens are always visible as well.

It would be your choice which one you wanted to cook for you wherein you can also decide what dish you want it to be from their menu list.

One good thing about Calle Preciousa is that they made everything from scratch from stock soup up to main dishes. With this kind of approach with your order, you can guarantee that your food is served fresh and delightfully.

They have VIP Rooms and function room and the artsy wall at the second floor while a spacious dining area at the ground floor with a Filipino-Spanish interiors. The Chairs and tables are all created in woods while you will also love their villas in the garden with a more nature ambiance. Making sure that the surroundings is more like and feels like home.

Just to give a quick history about Calle Preciousa, they are originated from the famous Sophia's Villa in Capt. Javier in Oranbo Pasig City where the five years of leasing contract ends.

Now, as determined to do better Sophia's Villa was re-branded into name called Calle Preciousa.

As it sprout in the new location at Dr. Sixto Antonio Ave., Brgy. Sagad in the same city they make the Dampaan be more competitive and classy as they consider their restaurants as their HOME and would like to impart every Filipino to experience their food and service.

As they call it the CALLE PRECIOUSA, "Your kitchen away from home".

Visit Calle Preciousa at Dr. Sixto Antonio Ave., Brgy. Sagad, Pasig City. You may call them at 696-6826 | 09178454009 for inquiries and reservation.

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