Now You Can Experience The Tapa Festival of GoodAh!!!

I was invited to try the food for a Tapa Festival from one of well-known fast food when it comes to Tapsilog, GoodAh!!! It was known in their Goto Special and Tapsilog during mid-90s. One of my favorite place to dine-in when I was young. My favorites are Goto Special and Cicken Mami way back then. Today, it was one of the favorite Tapsilog places where you can have a variety of choices.

GoodAh!!!, offers the Tapa Festival with three wonderful set of Tapa options such as Original Tapsilog, Tapa Bacon, and Tapa Flakes.

During the event, we have guilt free Chicharon which is so yummy and perfectly pair with their Chili Vinegar (Maanghang na Suka ). I almost forgot that the event was about the Tapa Festival because the Chicharon was really tasty, we even joked to each other that the only missing is rice and it’s like a complete meal.

After a short introduction from the Ms. Tess, we have now a better understanding about the company and the brand of GoodAh!!! Then the parade of Tapa was on its way to our table and the fest was started.  First we have the Tapa Flakes which is shredded beef flanks cook adobo style and dip fry served with garlic fried rice, sunny side up egg and atchara.  I don’t usually eat sunny side up egg, so I requested to them to cook it well done for me. However, the Tapa Flakes is my number one choices even I haven’t try the other two. I love its flaky texture and the crunchy bits of Tapa, although, it looks messy but it was a hit for me.

It was followed by the Original Tapsilog which is 100% marinated beef sirloin served with garlic fried rice, sunny side up egg and atchara. It was their signature Tapa, I actually tried it before in their other branch. Their Tapsilog is kind of sweet and it’s one of the favorites in all branches of GoodAh!!! I like it but not as much as I like the Tapa Flakes.

Lastly, we have the Tapa Bacon which is the strips of pork belly marinated with powdered smoked flavor and spices served with garlic fried rice, sunny side up egg and atchara. I don’t personally like it, the bacon was kind of elastic and I can’t figure out its taste maybe because of the oil coming from bacon. However, it’s something new to me which makes me interested to try when I first saw the fact sheets of Tapa Festival.

I suggest that the Tapa Flakes should be included in their original menu as a regular menu because it’s something new to add on their list and people will love it.  For the Original Tapa, what can I say its classic and the taste is really the same and consistent. For the Tapa Bacon, I did not like it much. It should be better if the bacon was crunchy and a little salty and sweet.  I think the sunny side up egg and atchara can be replacing with salted egg and tomatoes.

Over-all the Tapa Festival menu was great, perhaps my opinion when it comes to food is different from others and what I said here is my own option that based on my palates.

To try the new offering of GoodAh!!! Visit their branches and try the Tapa Festival. Let me know your thoughts and your favorite among the three by commenting below and let’s discuss our thoughts about the Tapa Festival of GoodAh!!!

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