DQ Philipines Brings Together The Chips Ahoy and Oreo In A Treat

DairyQueen Phiippines brings together the two of the famous cookie brands with their newest Blizzard and Cake treats for the heart month. Our all time favorite chocolate chips and cream filled cookie is blended together in the delectable DairyQueen softserve. It will surely make you crave for more.

Try the 3 newest enjoable flavors of Blizzard Treat in Double Cocoa Fudge, Strawberry and Mocha, available in your favorite DairyQueen stores.

Aside from that, DairQueen has it's limited edition of DQ Valentines Cake, perfect gift for your special someone. It comes in two appetizing flavors and designs. It is also the first heart shape Chips Ahoy anfd Oreo Blizzard Cake, it's a 100% ice cream cake that is made out of the two of the worlds favorite cookie. While the Pink Valentine Dedication Cake will lets you write your personal messages to your special somesome.

I have tried the 3 Blizzard treat and my favorite is the Double Cocoa Fudge while in the cakes is the heart shape chips ahoy and oreo.

Also, during the event, there are sone beauty queens who are present thr Bb. Pilipinas International and Bb. Pilipinas Supernatural 2015. They are both pretty and sexy. I'm sure that they are also the pride of our country.
To make your Valentines more memorable, try the Blizzard of the month and the Valentines Cake of DairyQueen!

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