San Miguel Pure Foods Home Foodie Season 2 Begins June 13

Can you call yourself a foodie? Yes, anyone with an interest in food and new food experiences is a foodie.

As a food and lifestyle blogger I know that I have tried different food, dishes and specialty of various restaurants but nothing is more like coming home when you or someone in the house prepares food for the family. Like San Miguel Pure Foods believes that aside from dining out, foodies should also come home and harness their passion for food by cooking in their own kitchen and creating their own food experience.

Home Foodie Season 2 is all about inspiring home cooks to reinvent traditional favorites and recreate dishes from food discoveries using San Miguel Pure Foods products. Home Foodie Season 2 recipes are “Kayang-kayang Sarap”, delicious and definitely doable that even kitchen newbies can do the recipes.

For this season, joining Drew Arellano and the chefs of Home Foodie Season 2 is non-other than Drew’s wife, Iya Villania. Drew has been the perfect host in Season 1 given his wide mass appeal, non-alienating persona aside from being a true blue foodie. Drew will continue to inspire and encourage both men and women to enjoy food by spending time in their kitchens.

Iya is the most welcome addition to the Home Foodie Family. She represents all wives and mothers, who are not just food lovers but are also keen on learning and discovering more for the satisfaction and welfare of their loved ones. Iya, who is equally popular and looked up to by her followers and peers, will encourage kitchen newbies to cook as she takes on the journey herself, from novice to an intermediate cook. 

The two are surely the best team-up together with the supervisions of Chef's as they both exploring the kitchen and sharing the recipes of they so called "Kayang-kaya recipes". Witness Drew and Iya’s cooking adventure at Home Foodie as the episodes tackle domestic struggles that are commonly experienced when it comes to learning and preparing great food for our loved ones.

Home Foodie viewers are expected to learn tips and techniques in food preparation with the experts from the San Miguel Pure Foods Culinary Center led by chefs Llena Tan-Arcenas, Rene Ruz and RJ Garcia. 

Catch San Miguel Pure Foods Home Foodie beginning June 13, Mondays thru Fridays, after Unang Hirit on GMA7. 

Watch the video below as Iya and Drew invite you to the Season 2 of San Miguel Pure Foods Home Foodie, enjoy the video! :)

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