Finally Found The Best Boneless Milkfish With Sarangani Bay Premium Bangus

One of the best part of food review is that you get the products straight to your doorsteps. I was actually super excited to try the Sarangani Bay products. It was perfect since I am now practicing eliminating eating pork for about three months now.

To give you a background of what kind of fish I eat. Well, I love those fishes who has white and pink meat. Those who don't have many fish bones. However, when you say Bangus or Milkfish, it’s love because of  its tasty meat specially if it’s fresh and boneless.

I used to buy boneless Daing na Bangus at the Market. I love marinating it in vinegar and garlic before frying it.

Going back to Sarangani Bay Premium Bangus, as I mentioned a while ago. I am so thrilled to try it. My husband, who is our cook and owns the kitchen prepare some delectable dish last weekend using the Boneless Milkfish Belly. He cooked Sinigang na Bangus sa Talbos ng Kamote. 

The dish was very nutritious, since it has fish and vegetables.  It was his first time to try cooking Sinigang sa Talbos ng Kamote but he makes it well. Yum!
We also tried the Marinated Baby Milkfish and the Boneless Milkfish Smoked which is now my favorite. I love the freshness and the smoky flavor of the fish. I now enjoy eating Milkfish because there is a product like Sarangani Bay Premium Bangus. You will forget other processed fish in the market after you try eating the Sarangani Bay Premium Bangus!

Actually, Sarangani Bay is so generous for sending us their products. We still have more to try like the Spicy Marinated Baby Milkfish, Boneless Milkfish in marinated and unseasoned. I even encourage my husband to join their contest, for sure he can innovate more dishes using the Sarangani Bay Premium Bangus.

For me, Sarangani Bay Premium Bangus is one of the best fish processed products that I have tasted. One thing I love with their product is that they are all vacuum sealed and you know that it was handled well. That way you have the guarantee that they keep it fresh, clean and delicious before you serve it on. I will definitely include it on my list and recommend it to my friends and family.  I just hope that we can buy it on supermarket for more convenience.

To give you a short knowledge about Sarangani Bay Premium Bangus, it is derived from the Sarangani Bay located in Southern Mindanao. Its clean and fresh water bred by  the Alsons Aquaculture Corporation who is the only integrated farm to market fish processing operations in the country.

They commercially packaged frozen fish by practicing the cold chain management to maintain the Sarangani Bay Premium Bangus quality. They are the most trusted and the largest in the country and they are exported abroad to countries like the United States, Canada, Guam, Australia, China and Middle East.

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