When All Else Fails - 10 Last Minute Gifts that are Appropriate for Almost any Occasion

Gifts are not just for Christmas and birthdays, there are so many occasions when it is appropriate to demonstrate one’s appreciation, or share in a celebration, and very often these events come upon us with little or no warning. So, if a person is stuck for a suitable gift, whatever the occasion, here are some 
great ideas that are guaranteed to please.

1. Christmas is a time for giving, and the list can be long, especially if one is a social person.  Australian Christmas hampers are always welcomed, and with a wide range of tasty items, one can stock to suit the recipient’s taste.

2. Perhaps a dear friend has just been promoted, and one feels it only right to send something to make them feel special. A selection of fine beers or wines would definitely help the celebrations along. The Basket People have an incredible range of affordable hampers and baskets, and with a wide selection, there is something for everyone.

3. Retirement is definitely a milestone in anyone’s life, and perhaps one’s parents have reached that time when they can say goodbye to the toils of working for a living. A fruit basket is the perfect gift, along with a suitable card and message.

4. A new arrival in the family is always a welcome event, and for the new parents, a new born hamper is the ideal gift. Full of wipes, lotions, and other essentials, this gift will be more welcome than any other.

5. For that special woman in one’s life, there are hampers filled with all the things ladies love. Candles, soaps, lotions, and essences to pamper her, along with wine and chocolates to make the day a pleasant one.

6. One might have a dear friend who is a wine connoisseur, so why not put together a selection of their favourites? Guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

7. When a couple move into their first home, it is definitely a special event, and one can include many useful items in a welcome hamper, including a bottle of sparkling wine for that celebration drink.

8. Mother’s Day is always a special time in every family, so why not say it with flowers? A floral basket, along with some of mum’s favourites, will certainly make her day.

9. For that special man, there are hampers filled with his favourite wine or beer, which is sure to make the day a little more special. Birthdays, Christmas, or just because one wants to say thank you, are all ideal for a hamper.

10. Nobody likes to fall ill, and if one happens to have a friend who is in the hospital and needs cheering up, a fruit basket is the ideal way to bring a little happiness into their life.

Hampers and baskets are an ideal choice for any occasion, and by tailoring the gift to suit the recipient, one can be sure the gift will be most appreciated.

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