Mister Kabab Is Affordable Persian Classic

Mediterranean Food is not new to us. For me, their food is so interesting because I don't usually eat their dishes and even not making it. I find it a privileges to try and experience the good food they have. Have been tried the Kos Greek Ouzeri like them, I discover that they serve healthy food.

It was my first time at Mister Kabab, when I enter to their place the place was very intimidating. Although it has a combination of a Mediterranean and modern design, but it has an aura that gives you a good vibes.

First we have the appetizer platter, its pita bread with Esfenaj Borani (Spinach with Egg), Mirza Gazemi ( Eggplant with Egg), Kadoo Borani (Zucchini with Yoghurt), Kashk Bademjan (Eggplant with whey sauce) dip for Php 420 pesos and Couscous Salad who has tomatoes, olives and fresh coriander for Php 120.

Next we have the Shrimp Korma and the Beef Special Chelo Kabab with Basmati Rice. I love he Basmati Rice, it's kinda unique the rice grains are long and the Beef Kabab was so tender while the Shrimp Korma is a bit spicy for me because as you all know I am not a fan of spicy foods.

They also served us Sorba and the Baklava. The dessert that they served to us s is too sweet although perfect to pair with a cup of Tea. 

If you want to go healthy Mediterranean food try Mister Kabab. If you gonna ask me, there is nothing too special with their dishes but one of my favorite is the Shrimp Korma even if its a little spicy.

I was just amaze in their Basmati rice and I admit that it was my first time to see and try it. Their prices is affordable for you can spend Php 500 for two person. They also have pastries and coffee but we haven't got a chance to try it.

Visit their branch at the 3rd floor of Fisher Mall in Quezon Ave. 

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