Sumabay Sa Agos With Chef Tatung

Nothing beats Filipino dishes. That's all I can say, even though we all grew up learning to try different cuisines from around the world. I would say that we have our own dishes that are truly world class.

Well, of course, we also have influences from other countries. I was so delighted to meet Chef Myke Tatung Sarthou. Trying out their one of a kind recipe in his recently opened restaurant in MOA, Pasy City was a privilege.

Chef Tatung as we all know was the author of Filipino Cookery, From Heart to Platter. He is the celebrity chef and a culinary heritage advocate.

I came just in time to the venue, but I was the first one to arrive. The other blogger friends were still on the traffic, so I get a chance to have a short talk with Chef.

It was intimidating at first, but I get comfortable when him crack a joke it was a bang.

They first offer me their in house Iced tea, which I love it so much because it was brewed.

Then they serve the Kinilaw na Tuna, I've learned that this Tuna was freshly selected before it was set to plate. I also learned that there are 16 kinds of salt and you can even try it in their restaurant.

Chicken Sisig in Lettuce Wraps are a healthy alternative. It's kinda a DIY where you put everything on the lettuce with a sweet mango sauce. I will admit that I love the Chicken sisig even without the lettuce. It's not like your ordinary sisig. He even show us the right way to eat it.

Then the Paella Fiesta Filipina which Carl and I have talked about earlier. I told him that it was one of my favorite and I have one restaurant in the area that I love if we talk about Paella but I think I change my mind this time and the Agos Paella is on my top list now.

Aside from the famous Paella, one of the interesting food that Chef Tatung served was the Pollo con Salsa Tsokolate, its a braised chicken with a dark chocolate sauce. One of the food to die for in Agos. The bitterness of Tablea was not there but the savory of its one of a kind flavor that will awake your senses that this is the kind of food that you should try before you die.

They also served the Tocino Pork Ribs, Palabok, Cucumber Lychee and a dessert called Chef Tatung's 3 Cheese Casava.

I love the blended mixture of the 3 cheeses plus the gooey cassava cake and it makes more special with the Salted Egg Custard Sauce.

Every time I dine, I always look for the 3 qualities. The quality and taste of the food, the affordability and the ambiance.

I love the Sumabay SA Agos restaurant of Chef Tatung because the 3 qualities that I'm looking for are all present.

The taste is fantastic, he will not be one of the Madrid Fusion 2016 speakers if not. The prices of the food start from Php 150 to Php 400 plus and lastly the Native Elegance of homey ambiance was there.

Thank you Chef Tatung for inviting me to try your food.  Visit Chef Tatung's Sumabay sa Agos at the North Wing of Entertainment Hall of MOA. You can follow them on socials and for reservations, please call (02) 889-7462 or mobile number 0916-2393273.

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